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Monday, August 31, 2009

.They aren't nepali bhalu!!!!! prakash Ojha snapped the photo of Jyoti khadka .

The laws of Nepal didn’t give promise to make blue films . if someone make that than there will be 5 year jail and more than 1 lake punishment but this is the words which we finds in the dictonery of police and low makers.ManyNepali search the pone site in the Google but they only find the article of that to satisfy them.
Now a day Nepali call parkesh oja as hero of blue films of Nepal he makes more than 3 films to earns money but he
cannot success his black business.In his journey he make this films with the helps of his friends.
Today i read the news in Naya Patrika that prakash Ojha snapped the photo of Jyoti khadka in bathroom says if u dont’s play the blue films than i will publics this photo in the market than Jyoti Khadka agree to play the films which pakash Ojha offers.she says that they do what ever they like and to make me foolish the publics the video if i die than they used to said me what they like if not than there is meaningless to stay alive in this world i try to die more than 5 times but i cannot do that now i am searching the man to punish them who make my dreams unsuccessful.
In my views she have to fight for rights who make her foolish in the society if she fight for her right than others girls will be free from this business if not than this market will boost in Nepal.Prakash Ojha should be punished for this types of works he should be punish according the low of Nepal he told to wave that a funny talks while he was in jail’“Yes, it was my mistake to take the pictures and the video and for that I am prepared to face punitive action. But people are adding false charges against me in an attempt to keep me behind bars for a long time,” Prakash told . He has, however, been accused of allegedly making and selling pornography and promoting child prostitution. “I have no need to make and sell pornography or promote prostitution. I can make Rs. 80,000 from one stage show and I have been able to make thousands of rupees with my talent. Why would I need to resort to such work?” says Prakash. “I have already admitted to the mistakes I have made in front of the Judge and expressed my heart felt regrets and for these mistakes I would like to ask my audience and society for forgiveness.”
“There is a conspiracy to keep me in jail for 15 to 16 years. I am not saying I am innocent, I am saying I must be punished only according to my crime.” He also says that he knows he will be released soon and when he is he will bring the people conspiring against him out in the open.


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